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Moving to Linux in 4 easy steps

Also Cloning Machines in VirtualBox

Windows 7 first impressions

Xdmx for a truly massive monitor setup

Windows Games on Linux

Deployment and Recovery via Network

Other Discoveries and the Like

Media on the web

Visual Bash - Power of bash scripts with the user friendliness of Kommander GUIs

RPM Notes - Notes on creating RPM packages.


God, Black Holes and Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Physics states that nothing is "defined" until someone "measures" it.
In other words: things like the singularity in a black hole and the big bang
QUITE LITERALLY do not have any form until we actually measure them.
By "measure" we mean "see their form" or "work out what they are".

You must understand that I do not mean we don't know what form of matter or energy they have,
the properties of that matter or the energy etc.
They don't exist in ANY form.
They are not "there" in the sense that we can observe and measure them.

This means: WE CREATE THE FORM!!!
By the act of imagining what form they take WE CREATE THAT FORM in the true biblical sense.
And that, my friends, is proven quantum physics!

The Clocking Universe
The universe we inhabit is all in phase and ticking on the same Planck clock tick.
Other universes may exist "out of phase" with ours since they exist on a different sub-Planck phase to ours.

Self Awareness and the Internet
This is about the fact that the internet is NOT self aware, but should be.

There was no Big Bang
Read concrete mathematical proof of why the universe had no beginning,
And how gravity is not a force but our perception of the passage time.

Time Travel is impossible
Well... Not impossible, just not survivable.
We've all seen the movies, you get into the time machine,
go back a few hundred years and pop up in a field or summat.