Web Sites / Hosting

There are a few of organisations which I host from here.

You can go to these from the front page

I can offer you, the webmaster, support for:
All the sites hosted are maintained by you.
You can edit the content quickly and easily whenever you want.

The site is edited in your browser.
All pages have a pencil icon () at the bottom right.
You can see one on this page too.

You click on the icon, log on, edit you content, update
and it is immediately available to the world.

It is really that easy!

The standard template site also has a contact form for your customers to email you from the site.

See www.template-site.com for an demo site

These are full multimedia websites which can host pictures, sound and video content,
so you can make them really attractive and drive loads surfers to them.

Payment is done only on my time spent working on the site (£35 per hour),
which means once the site is set up you can run it entirely free of charge.

The only payment needed is for securing the domain, which is an annual cost of usually around £20.
This will depend on the domain name (website address).

Initial set up cost is around an hour and costs £35 (plus cost of domain name, around £20 per year).
Please be aware this is a standard template site and will not include any of your specific content.
You can create that yourself or I can create that for you.

If you wish me to create the initial content this will usually be around 4 hours in total (£140)
Add the cost of the domain and it will be a total cost of around £160.

The whole process can put you online and ready in under 2 working days!

If you wish to be online in 2 days at low cost with professional support available please contact me here