Graham North BSc

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All described below have at least 6 months experience ranging to 20 years:


Financial E-Trading (ITCH, FIX, MoldUDP), Networks (TCP, UDP, IP, Ethernet, ATM, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, STP, BGP, MPLS), Cisco, Juniper, RAID, HPC Clusters, Server Farms, Virtualisation/Cloud (ESX, Oracle).


Administered many different complex real-time global systems including financial trading systems.
More than 10 years in customer-facing support roles on global systems for BBC, Sony, Ericsson, Centurylink, plus others.

Operating Systems

Unix: AIX, Solaris, HPUX; Linux: RedHat, SuSE, Debian (from Kernel 2.2); Windows: Server (from NT 3.51), Desktop (from 3.1), IOS, JUNOS.


Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Remedy, LAMP/WAMP, Perl, BASH, Java/JavaScript, XML.


Due to my maturity and experience I have been considered a team lead or team manager.
This included man management: task allocation, performance assessment, also in some roles this extended to hiring and project management.


Real Time Trading Platform Engineer/Network Architect (CenturyLink 02/13-01/16)

Skills: Financial (Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE, BME, TSE, +others, Equities, Derivatives), MetaTrader 4+, ITCH/MITCH, FIX, MoldUDP/MoldUDP64, ATM, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, STP, BGP, MPLS, Ethernet, Cisco, Juniper, Windows, Linux, C/C++, Multithread/Multiprocess.

CenturyLink (formerly Savvis) provide global hosting and network services to financial and other clients.
Hired to provide expert-level technical support for their main financial customer Thomson-Reuters and their customers.
Thomson-Reuters customers include RBS, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, Meryll Lynch, Ava Kapital, plus many other banks and financial organisations.
Develop and provide fixes for network and hosting problems.
Work with Thomson-Reuters engineers and management to maintain their customer trading platforms.
Required to fix financial multithread/multiprocess applications at kernel/device level to work with customer developers in C++/Java on Linux and Windows.
Also required to understand IP, ATM and MPLS networks at CCIE level to work with suppliers on static and dynamics routing global networks.
Worked other architects and senior leadership to refine new solutions and manage the customers needs.
Required to use Remedy BMS software for incidents and requests.

Direct reports:2 Reporting to: Global Senior Manager
Indirectly managing approx 50 Engineers workload when required.

Real-time Platform Architect (Alcatel-Lucent 11/12-01/13)

Skills: Linux, SMB/CIFS, NFS, DHCP/DNS, Apache, Python, packages, Bash/Awk/Sed, Jenkins/Hudson, Virtualisation.

Alcatel-Lucent provide telecoms and mobile networks world wide.
Hired to work on the continuous integration testing systems which are on Jenkins/Hudson.
Developed python/bash test scripts for platform builds to test on cloud infrastucture.
Worked on existing deployment and testing system to improve coverage.
Also worked hands-on fixing bugs in the build to pass tests.
System involved fixing package builds.
Worked on a Scrum (agile) managed environment.
Worked on files in clearcase version control.

Real-Time System Architect (Qualcomm 02/12-09/12)

Skills: Debian Linux, Windows, file systems, Apache/LAMP, package management, scripting, virtualisation.

Qualcomm are silicon producers for the mobile phone industry.
They needed system provision for a development project.
Created and deployed the cloud hosting environment and client machines as per company requirements.
All the facilities are company wide services.
Hands-on development of software on Linux/Cloud.
The client machines were a combination of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Debian Linux.
As part of the testing, jobs were run from the Linux to run Windows applications using cross-platform tools.
Administered to hand over: Git, Bugzilla, Apache/LAMP, plus other bespoke services.
Company filesystems were held on a NetApp filer using Active Directory.

Direct reports:1 Reporting to: Program Manager

More work history available on request.


Lancaster University, 09/95 - 06/98

Qualifications: BSc Computer Science

Degree modules included GUI Design, Natural Language Processing, Telecommunications, Presentation & Documentation, Computer Systems Architecture, Communication, High Level Programming, Software Engineering and Databases.
Design methodologies used during the degree included OOD (Object Orientated Design), Waterfall Design, Black Box Testing and CASE Tools.
UNIX experience included Sun Solaris and SuSE Linux.
High level work on Ingress, SQL, C, C++, Visual C++, MFC, Active X, HTML.
Designed and built robot devices in assembler, C, C++ on embedded targets with decision making abilities.
Designed and wrote device drivers for DIO controllers, RS232 ports and 418MHz RF radio modules.

Lancaster & Morecambe College of Further Education, 09/94 - 06/95

Qualifications: BTEC National Diploma Electronic Engineering Course

Passed at distinction (highest) level: Microprocessor Control, Information Technology, Electronic Principles, Electronics and Mathematics.

School: Heysham High School, Limes Avenue, Morecambe, Lancashire, 09/78 - 03/85

Qualifications: A Levels, O Levels and CSEs

O Levels: Maths A, Physics B, Computer Studies C, Control Technology B, Technical Drawing C.
A Levels: Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Genera Studies.
CSEs English II, French II.


Personal Life

Keen interest in music, cycling, skydiving, weight training, cars (mechanics) and electronics. Run Linux server for over 10 years at

Other Information

Nationality: ENGLISH, but also speak some French and German
Date of Birth: 01/04/1967
Marital Status: Married with 2 Children and live in Reading, UK