Graham North BSc

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All described below have at least 6 months experience ranging to 20 years:


Financial E-Trading (ITCH, FIX, MoldUDP), Networks (TCP, UDP, IP, Ethernet, ATM, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, STP, BGP, MPLS), Cisco, Juniper, RAID, HPC Clusters, Server Farms, Virtualisation/Cloud (ESX, Oracle).


Administered many different complex real-time global systems including financial trading systems.
More than 10 years in customer-facing support roles on global systems for BBC, Sony, Ericsson, Centurylink, plus others.

Operating Systems

Unix: AIX, Solaris, HPUX; Linux: RedHat, SuSE, Debian (from Kernel 2.2); Windows: Server (from NT 3.51), Desktop (from 3.1), IOS, JUNOS.


Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Remedy, LAMP/WAMP, Perl, BASH, Java/JavaScript, XML.


Due to my maturity and experience I have been considered a team lead or team manager.
This included man management: task allocation, performance assessment, also in some roles this extended to hiring, project and budget management up to £110M.


Real Time Trading Platform Engineer/Network Architect (CenturyLink 02/13-01/16)

Skills: Financial (Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE, BME, TSE, +others, Equities, Derivatives), MetaTrader 4+, ITCH/MITCH, FIX, MoldUDP/MoldUDP64, ATM, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, STP, BGP, MPLS, Ethernet, Cisco, Juniper, Windows, Linux, Puppet.
Reason for Leaving: Business shrunk causing reversal of granted career move.

CenturyLink (formerly Savvis) provide global hosting and network services to financial and other clients.
Hired to provide expert-level technical support for their main financial customer Thomson-Reuters and their customers.
Thomson-Reuters customers include RBS, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, Meryll Lynch, Ava Kapital, plus many other banks and financial organisations.
Develop and provide fixes for network and hosting problems.
Work with Thomson-Reuters engineers and management to maintain their customer trading platforms.
Required to understand financial applications at kernel/device level to work with customer developers in C++/Java on Linux and Windows.
Also required to understand IP, ATM and MPLS networks at CCIE level to work with suppliers on static and dynamics routing global networks.
As lead worked architects to refine new solutions and senior leadership to SVP level to manage the customers needs.
Required to use Remedy BMS software for incidents/requests and Puppet Enterprise for deployment/administration.

Direct reports:2 Reporting to: Global Senior Manager
Indirectly managing approx 50 Engineers workload when required.
Cooperatively managing a budget of £110million.

LTE Platform Architect (Alcatel-Lucent 11/12-01/13)

Skills: Linux, SMB/CIFS, NFS, DHCP/DNS, Apache, Python, packages, Bash/Awk/Sed, Jenkins/Hudson, Virtualisation.

Alcatel-Lucent provide telecoms and mobile networks world wide.
Hired to work on the continuous integration testing systems which are on Jenkins/Hudson.
Developed python/bash test scripts for LTE platform builds to test on QEMU virtual machines.
Worked on existing deployment and testing system to improve coverage.
Also worked on fixing bugs in the build to pass tests.
System involved fixing package builds (debian and tar).
Worked on a Scrum (agile) managed environment.
Worked on files in clearcase version control.

System Architect (Qualcomm 02/12-09/12)

Skills: Debian Linux, Windows, SMB/CIFS, Apache, Perl, PHP, Javascript, DEB packages, Bash/Awk/Sed, Virtualisation.

Qualcomm are silicon producers for the mobile phone industry.
They needed server provision for a development project.
I created and deployed the virtual machine hosting environment and client machines as per company requirements.
I solely administered: git source control, bugzilla, apache, documentation (service) and automated testing service.
All the facilities are company wide services.
I also created and ran automated tests on the developed software using Puppet.
These were deployed on a single 64-bit physical host using Debian and VirtualBox.
The client machines were a combination of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Debian Linux.
As part of the testing, jobs were run from the Linux machine to run Windows applications using bash/DOS batch and remote desktop.
I also set up the debian server to shared company and local filesystems using SMB/CIFS via it's apache webserver.
Company filesystems were held on a NetApp filer and used Active Directory (LDAP/Kerberos) for security.

Direct reports:1 Reporting to: Program Manager

Embedded System Architect (AceAxis Ltd 07/11-09/11)

Skills: RedHat Linux, XEN, Puppet, PXE, Perl, RPM, Bash/Awk/Sed.

AceAxis produce radio masthead LTE systems for the mobile device industry
Worked on Linux platform to debug issues with their systems.
Deployed test infrastructure on LAMP and XEN virtualisation using Puppet.

Test System Architect (ST 11/10-06/11)

Skills: RedHat Linux, Puppet, PXE, Perl, RPM, Bash/Awk/Sed.

ST are a global embedded silicon manufacturer.
Test system design, deployment and management.
Deployed a continuous integration on VMWare using Puppet and Hudson/Jenkins.

Required to manage 2 teams of developers

Media System Architect (BBC 07/10-08/10)

Skills: SuSE Linux, PXE, Yast, Perl, RPM, Puppet, Bash/Awk/Sed.

Here the project was to deploy/administer Ingex as a commercial product in a similar way to the Sony product on which I was working 2005-6
This contract was cut short (6 moths to 5 weeks) due to a change in the business requirement.
I was tasked to create/administer an repeated deployment/release and test system using Puppet.
During the short time I was on the project I created a fully automated nightly remastered DVD deployment from scratch.
I also created a full matrix automatic test system for all the current and future video+audio formats Ingex supports.
I worked with the R&D team to create the automated test plan and worked with their CVS, SVN and GIT repositories.
I also was required to deploy/administer a separate GIT repository for the release code.

Direct reports:1 Reporting to: Project Manager

Linux Cluster/Server Administrator (Schlumberger 12/08-01/10)

Skills: Puppet, Apache, Tomcat, Jira, RHEL 4/5/6, Kickstart, RPM, Server Administration, Virtualisation, Active Directory, Clusters, NAS, Perforce, PVCS, Scripting automation, Cisco Networking, Nagios, SNMP.

Schlumberger are the leaders in providing and support high performance simulation software to the oil industry in which I was:
Responsible for 32Tb NetApp Filer.
Responsible for user disc allocation across the whole company.
Worked closely with High Performance Computing (HPC) department.
Responsible for administration of several Linux High Performance Computing clusters (64 node, multicore).
Deployed and administered company wide build servers using Puppet.
Wrote many management and maintainence web interfaces in Perl with AJAX.
Wrote many automation systems in Bash/sed/awk.
Required to research and deploy virtualisation solution for testing team, including leaseing with testing team project managers.
Responsible for deployment and administration of virtualisation solution for testing team.
Provided advice to senior management regarding virtualisation (VMWare/VirtualBox) strategies.
Responsible for maintainence of Apache/Tomcat servers.
Responsible for Cisco switch maintainence.
Deployed and maintained Nagios monitoring across most servers and clusters using SMNP and wrote plugins.
Worked closely with PC support team to provide integrated Linux/Windows deployment and support strategies.
Worked closely with Windows server and corporate network support teams.
Working with Perforce, deployed Linux Perforce/PVCS server and integrated it to the existing Windows Perforce source control strategy.
Deployed and maintained Linux servers as needed.

Direct reports:1 Reporting to: IT Manager

Network Architect/Software Engineer (Frazer-Nash 02/08-10/08)

Skills: Web Design, Perl/CGI/PHP, Java/Javascript/AJAX, XML, Apache, Server Administration, Virtualisation, Windows Development/Administration, Active Directory, Embedded, CANBUS, PIC.
Reason Leaving: Agreed salary increments not honoured, plus no pension or heath benefits.

Installed and maintained RedHat virtualisation server.
Installed and maintained RedHat web server for internal hosting testing (virtual server).
Installed and maintained Windows terminal server (virtual server) and added to Active Directory controller.
Installed and maintained web facing RedHat project collaboration server.
Created browser based interface and support tools in Perl/JavaScript and C/C++.
Worked with the network management and intranet team to provide additional support for Linux-based tools.
Provided advice, support and training.
Key software engineer on a Windows development project including QT4 development.
Developed Advanced GUI which is used an in-car display, using multithreading and OpenGL.
Worked on high power brushless DC motor control, modified embedded Space Vector Modulation control software to improve BLDC performance.
Modified CANBUS interface code to improve debugging of embedded 16-bit BLDC controller.
Interfaced advanced display to hardware via PIC.

Direct reports:3 Reporting to: Director Software Engineering

LINUX/UNIX Technical Support Specialist on BBC.CO.UK (Siemens 07/07-12/07)

Skills:RedHat/Solaris Server Administration, Web Design, Perl/CGI/PHP, Java/Javascript/AJAX, XML, Apache, mod_write, mod_proxy, Real/Windows Streaming Audio/Video Administration, NAS/SAN, Load Balancing/Clustering, DNS, DHCP, SCSI, RAID, Customer Facing, Remedy, Scripting automation.
Reason Left: Probation period, unsuitable role (training not provided as arranged)

Siemens manage the web sites for a number of customers including BBC and ONS
Largest was BBC website farm of approx 500 servers which are balanced in groups
The role involved working on Remedy tickets raised by the customers and problems raised by system monitoring.
Most of the work involved resolving machine outages, hardware, DNS and streaming issues, and web application problems
Configured caching farms and load balancing web/application servers using DNS.
Used virtualisation tools (vmware) and built and maintained large scale application stacks.
An element of the role required me to be 24 hour on-call for one week periods.
Solaris training not provided as agreed in interview which held back my progress in the role.

Direct reports:5 Reporting to: Team Manager

Linux Development Contract (Datapulse 02/07-06/07)

Skills: Web Design, Perl/CGI/PHP, Java/Javascript/AJAX, XML, Apache, Embedded (Debian/Ubuntu) Linux, kernel, 16-bit (Philips XA), H323, Bash/Awk/Sed, VC6, ActiveX, DLL

Applied a firmware modification to Philips XA processor based Nortel PABX client in Embedded C/Assembler.
Revised a modified Debian distribution for USB embedded EPIA10000.
Applied software fixes to Linux services in GNU C++/Perl/Bash.
Successfully undertook major refactoring of Windows client side code in Visual C++ 6 ActiveX and DLL.
Fixed long outstanding bugs (2+ years).
Provide Linux Mentoring.
Set up documentation server on LAMP stack (RedHat Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) using MediaWiki/Doxygen/HTdig.
Used the companys Visual SourceSafe source control system and PRF (in house) bug tracking system.

Direct reports:3 Reporting to: Project Leader

Linux Development, Administration and Support Contract (Sony 06/05-12/06)

Skills: Web Design , Perl/CGI/PHP, Java/Javascript/AJAX, XML, Apache, Linux kernel, clusters, MySQL, Apache, MIPS, RedHat ES 3/4, Kickstart, RPM, RedHat Network, Windows Active Directory, DVB, HD, MPEG, Bash/Awk/Sed, RAID management, disaster recovery solutions.

Debugged and documented MIPS DVB target embedded Linux platform using GNU tools.
Provided mentoring services for colleagues (as part of contract requirement).
Wrote Installation software for RHEL3 Linux target in TCL/TK and Bash/Awk/Sed.
Adapted a Linux cluster management system using Condor/Bash/Awk/Sed.
Administered RedHat media server to work with Window XP and Mac clients via Samba/CIFS and NFS in BASH/Perl.
Package management via the RedHat Network.
Repackaged RPM builds for deployment.
Adapted web based account administration tool in Perl/CGI/XML/Awk/Sed/Bash.
Refactored Web tool to PHP/JavaScript/XML from Perl.
Created RAID system and web-based RAID management system in Linux using Linux RAID and PHP/BASH.
Debugged and redesign system to add co-operation between Windows 2K/2K3 Domain Controller, RedHat ES Server, Windows XP and Mac clients using Samba/CIFS, Active Directory and NFS in Bash/Perl/Awk/Sed.
Adapted RedHat install CD/DVD to install Sony media system as well as RedHat OS as an media server build system using CD remastering tools and Python.
Involved(paired) in writing/adapting/debugging of DV/HDV MPEG format converters (ffmpeg/avilib/quicktime) in C/C++/Java.
Involved in project level implementation details of Java video codecs (Quicktime).
Included security key system to CD/DVD installer to lock installs to hardware using Linux network drivers and MD5 checksumming in Bash/C.
Adapted CD Linux distribution to create a server disaster recovery solution using Knoppix/Gentoo, KDevelop/QT and CD remastering tools.
Collaborated development with Sony's Californian team using Skype/email/CVS/TestTrack.
Used company's CVS, Clearcase, etc source control systems, project management/bug tracking software (Bugzilla/TestTrack).
Provided general Linux site support and mentoring.

Direct reports:1 Reporting to: Project Manager

Embedded DAB Contract (Frontier Silicon Ltd 03/05-06/05)

Skills: Embedded C, GNU toolset, Bash, Awk, Sed, Device Drivers, DAB, JTAG, VHDL, Logic/Scope Analysis

Wrote flash drivers using GNU tools and Lauterbach JTAG on embedded hardware target.
Wrote PC based emulation of hardware with GNU Tools in Bash/Awk/Sed/C/C++.
Worked with Hardware Engineers to diagnose/debug FPGA using logic analyser, scopes and simulation.
Adapted drivers to use DMA drivers provided and PC emulation with GCC/GDB/DDD.
Integrated software (file access layer and block layer) provided by Samsung to provide file system.
Used company's CVS source control system.

Mobile Handset CRM Contract (Ericsson Mobile Phones Ltd 11/04-02/05)

Skills: CRM, Clearcase, GSM, UMTS, Visual C++, Problem Solving, Perl

Processed Ericsson's Customers' requests adapted code.
Performed source and product merges in Clearcase using Ericsson produced Java/Perl tools.
Processed requests via Ericsson's incident tracking software.
Adapted source code on Ericsson's GSM and UMTS ARM products and PC emulation software for their customers written using Visual Studio in C/C++ and Object C.
Tested and exercised solutions on a evaluation board, on customers handsets and in PC emulation using internal test and calibration software.
Used Company's Clearcase source control system.

Embedded Linux/PowerPC Contract (Accton UK Ltd 06/04-10/04)

Skills: Motorola Book E/E500 core complex (8540), Assembler, Linux Kernel, Device Drivers, JTAG, CVS

Tested bootloader (Motorola U-Boot) and Montavista Linux distribution on a pre-delivered Motorola development board with GPL code using a BDI debugger and JTAG Tools.
Obtained and tested boot loader source for Motorola development board (DENX U-Boot) using JTAG Tools.
Modified bootloader code to add comprehensive scripting engine using Linux GNU tools in embedded C.
Adapted scripting engine to be emulated on both Linux and Windows environments using QT/GNU, Borland command line tools and a Windows emulation in C and C++.
Ported bootloader source to be used on an Motorola router board which the company is manufacturing using GNU tools in embedded C and Assembler.
Wrote driver code in the bootloader to allow network port crossover at TCP layer 2 (MAC) to assist the hardware team in testing using GNU tools in embedded C.
Worked with and supported the hardware and software teams and used the company's CVS source control.

German Project Management Contract (Sci-Worx GmbH 12/03-02/04)

Skills: Project Management, Effort Estimation, MS Project, MPEG4, CVS, Clearcase, Linux

Learned the companys protocols and used technical knowledge for specification negotiation.
Wrote a plan for the client and then follow this through supporting and giving assistance as necessary.
Re-negotiated deadlines in absence of the program manager.
Learned extra technologies and how they fit with the firmware in order to guide the engineers.
Learn and present implementation details of MPEG4 CODECs to engineers and management.
Used the companys document and code control CVS and Clearcase. Also learned some German.

Direct Reports:10, Indirect Reports:25, Reporting to Project Director.

Senior Project Engineer (Domain Dynamics Ltd 01/02 - 07/03)

Skills: Visual C++, Embedded C/C++, VB, Pocket PC, Matlab,signal processing, Linux, Device Drivers, JTAG, CVS, IT Administration, CVS
Reason Left: Company in severe financial crisis. Made redundant as part of shrinkage. Has since folded.

Wrote signal processing algorithms in Matlab, Visual C++/MFC and embedded C++ using Embedded C++ 3.
Ported Voice authentication C++ application to WinCE/Pocket PC platforms.
Wrote C++ applications for Linux and Symbian (short test project only) to assess platform porting feasibility.
Redesigned and rewrote the current core development kit as an ActiveX SDK in Visual Studio.
Wrote ActiveX sound API driver and LPT device drivers to go with SDK for Win98/2000 in Visual Studio.
Ported a number of algorithms from Matlab to Visual Studio as ActiveX controls.
Adapted to include smart card voice authentication using time warping applet on the card.
Wrote a smart card ActiveX control for use with the applet for voice authentication on a PC in Visual Studio.
Built and maintained a Linux server used for development and was the companys FTP server.
Managed several projects and a small but variable team of project engineers.
Was involved in recruitment and client contract assessment, faced clients, wrote promotional and demo software and documents, involved in marketing campaigns including TV productions for the BBC.
Used to companies CVS source and document control system.

GPRS PC Card Contract (Option International NV 05/01-12/01)

Skills: Real-Time Embedded C/C++, Device Drivers, ARM, Clearcase
Re-wrote PCMCIA embedded boot driver to boot ARM7 card, download FPGA configuration and download CIS via cards system bus from internal memory in target time of 1 second (PCMCIA Spec) in embedded C.
Re-wrote a UART driver for the ARM7 card in real-time embedded C.
Designed a method for in field reprogramming of the firmware using VHDL and embedded C/C++.
Managed some of the companys staff on this project and used the company's Clearcase version control system.

GSM Layer 1 Contract (TTPCom 10/00-04/01)

Skills: Real-Time Embedded C/C++, RTOS, GSM Layer 1, Device Drivers, ARM, JTAG
Built simple OS and device drivers on ARM 940T platform in embedded C and ARM assembler.
Wrote hardware interrupts vector handlers, set-up memory and stacks in ARM assembler and interfaced functions from the assembler for second layer in embedded C using ARM SDT, JTAG.
Wrote Layer 1 embedded device drivers for LCD display, phone keypad, RF & audio DACs & ADC, JEDEC drivers for flash memory, UART I/O, ALU register access, interrupt controller, PCI Bus controller, plus other system resources in embedded C.
Wrote a user interface menu system application layer in embedded C to be accessed via the primary UART using a terminal emulator.
Wrote bootstrapper which had 2 UART drivers (one user, one debugging) and a flash driver in assembler.
Provided spec for hardware layer to the AMX Kadak kernel to provide a generic (portable) kernel interface.
Used the project version control system (PVCS).

Belgian Embedded RTOS Contract (ERG Transit Systems/AES Prodata 06/00-09/00)

Skills: Real-Time Embedded C/C++, Device Drivers, Motorola 68332, Linux, UNIX.

Wrote applications and device drivers for Motorola 68332 target in real-time embedded C.
Wrote test tools in C++, and upgraded and tested device drivers using Metrowerks in embedded C/C++.
Modified the embedded magnetic card/printer driver to account for unusual ticket loss.
Tested the amended the embedded device drivers on the Motorola target via UNIX debugging suite.
Ported DOS console applications to Windows dialog applications using Visual C++ 6.
Reverse engineered applications to operate on a variety of Windows platforms.
Projects were held on a Solaris UNIX server, were written on a UNIX terminals, Linux PCs and under TEAMWARE source control.

Windows CE Contract (Milton Keynes Council 12/99-05/00)

Skills: Embedded C++, device drivers, Smart Card, WinCE, SQL Server 7, Oracle 8, Visual Studio

Wrote applications that interface with a smart card reader to read and store information on bus passes (smart cards) in Visual Studio and embedded C++ for WinCE 2.11 HPC target (Phenom palmtop).
Implemented a \"Portable\" system that comprises a HPC device, an ASCII receipt printer and a smart card reader to give the user a portable station to issue, withdraw and update the passes.
Wrote device drivers for the smart card access built up 4-layer stack (hardware/ network/ transport/ application layer) in embedded Visual Basic 3 then in embedded C++ 3.
Wrote management tools using Visual Basic 6 to access the database through an ODBC connection either direct to the Oracle 8 server or via MS SQL 7 Server, enabling the viewing and printing out reports for accounting purposes.

VB/SQL Contract (The Planning Inspectorate 06/99-12/99)

Skills: SQL Server 6.5, MS Access, VB, VBA, ActiveX, Sourcesafe

Adjusted the requirements, high-level and low-level designs and wrote pseudo-code and products.
Managed the team in coding of the application and was responsible for ensuring conformity protocols design.
Assisted in beta testing and user feedback.
Ported and redesigned database from Access to SQL Server using ODBC and Visual Basic 6.
Wrote form based application to integrate MS Word and MS SQL 6.5 Server in VB and VBA.
Wrote database management tools for database administrators to maintain/amend SQL Server letter data in VB/ActiveX using Visual Basic 6 under MS Sourcesafe.

Bangor Website Contract (Bangor City Council 12/98-04/99)

Skills: HTML, TCP/IP, ActiveX, Linux

Worked with the clients to iterate page designs and wrote web pages for Bangor Council and local businesses for IE and Netscape (on SuSE Linux) in HTML using a text editor, an image editor and browsers.
Worked with the ISP to establish a server running ActiveX in London and remotely supported from Wales.

Internet Cafe Contract (The Green Room Cafe 06/98-12/98)

Skills: Linux, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Server and IT Support, CRM, Customer Facing
Set up and ran an Internet cafe from within an existing popular cafe.
Designed and wrote marketing application which presented the company imagery, fired up several productivity applications to replace MS Explorer in C++ and MFC using Visual C++ 5.
Designed and implemented system including network fax server and a proxy firewall server.

Bailrigg FM (at University), 09/96-06/98

Skills: VC++, Borland C
Reason: Left due to degree finish

Reverse engineered the DOS C database system in C++.
Designed an developed database and debug logger database in C++ and MFC using Visual C++ 5.

Help Desk (Lancaster University 01/98 - 04/98)

Skills: NT Administration, UNIX Administration, Customer Facing, Customer Support
Reason: Left due to degree finish

Set up users accounts and solved access problems on Sun Solaris UNIX server and the NT server.
Demonstrated to customers how to access email via ELM and PINE on both UNIX and NT workstations and operate printing services through the NT print server.
The PCs were UNIX disk less terminals, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, NT3.51, NT4.0, and SUSE Linux.

Repair/Conversion/Installation Engineer (Self employed 06/85 - 09/94)

Skills: RF, Electronics, Support, Customer Facing, CRM, 240/415VAC Power, IT Installations
Reason: Finish to start degree

Trained and worked on mains installations, wiring office buildings for mains supply.
Installed IT client/server networks into offices.
Trained, built and repaired RF and audio amplifiers, power supplies also analogue and digital tuning circuits.
Built, repaired and tuned several different designs of antennas including beam and wide-band.
Repaired domestic equipment, repaired and adapted PMR and HAM radios.


Lancaster University, 09/95 - 06/98

Qualifications: BSc Computer Science

Degree modules included GUI Design, Natural Language Processing, Telecommunications, Presentation & Documentation, Computer Systems Architecture, Communication, High Level Programming, Software Engineering and Databases.
Design methodologies used during the degree included OOD (Object Orientated Design), Waterfall Design, Black Box Testing and CASE Tools.
UNIX experience included Sun Solaris and SuSE Linux.
High level work on Ingress, SQL, C, C++, Visual C++, MFC, Active X, HTML.
Designed and built robot devices in assembler, C, C++ on embedded targets with decision making abilities.
Designed and wrote device drivers for DIO controllers, RS232 ports and 418MHz RF radio modules.

Lancaster & Morecambe College of Further Education, 09/94 - 06/95

Qualifications: BTEC National Diploma Electronic Engineering Course

Passed at distinction (highest) level: Microprocessor Control, Information Technology, Electronic Principles, Electronics and Mathematics.

School: Heysham High School, Limes Avenue, Morecambe, Lancashire, 09/78 - 03/85

Qualifications: A Levels, O Levels and CSEs

O Levels: Maths A, Physics B, Computer Studies C, Control Technology B, Technical Drawing C.
A Levels: Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Genera Studies.
CSEs English II, French II.


Personal Life

Keen interest in music, cycling, skydiving, weight training, cars (mechanics) and electronics. Run Linux server for over 10 years at

Other Information

Nationality: ENGLISH, but also speak some French and German
Date of Birth: 01/04/1967
Marital Status: Married with 2 Children and live in Reading, UK